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Come2stay is a Holiday Home Rentals plc web site so bookings are covered by the Holiday Home Rentals plc guarantee subject to the conditions below.

Booking a rental with a private owner is a great way to stay and now with Holiday Home Rentals plc's rental guarantee you can book any accommodation on this site with confidence.

Members of Come2stay who advertise their properties are provided with software that allows renters to book a property online. Holiday Home Rentals plc will guarantee any booking made through their system up to a value of 2,000 or equivalent in other currencies subject to the terms and conditions set out below.

All you need to do for the guarantee to take affect is;

  • Agree the rental rate, dates etc with the owner
  • Use our online booking system - the owner will provide you with the details
  • Then within 5 days register your booking with Holiday Home Rentals plc by filling in this form
it's that simple.



To qualify for our Booking with Confidence guarantee you must;

1. Have made the first enquiry through a Holiday Home Rentals plc web site using the email form which goes to the owner with a copy to ourselves - we retain copies of all enquiries made to owners. Should you make a telephone enquiry then you need to follow it up with an email confirmation through the form on the property page that you are booking.

2. Use the Holiday Home Rentals plc online booking form - the address will be given to you by the owner once you have agreed the terms of your rental. Only genuine booking forms submitted through a URL starting in will be eligible for the guarantee.

3. Within five days of making the booking you must complete our booking with confidence guarantee form reached through the link above.


We will guarantee any rental payments made to an owner using the above procedure up to a total value of 2,000 in any twelve month period. For clarification should the renter pay a deposit using the above procedure and then pay the balance by some other means then Holiday Home Rentals plc will only guarantee the deposit payment.


1. This guarantee is only in respect of the amount paid through the online booking form for the rental of the property and does not cover the cost of airfares, travel costs and other incidental costs. We recommend seperate travel insurance be taken out to cover the cost of travel delays, cancellation, illness etc.

2. The guarantee is only to cover the circumstances of fraud in a case where the payments have been taken fraudulently by the owner who knew or should have known the property was not available for rent.

3. The guarantee does not cover disputes over the standard of accommodation, return of deposits or any other disputes that arise with the owner other than the fraudulent offer to rent a property as above.


1. As soon as you are aware of a loss or potential loss you must take all actions with your bank or credit card company to recover the funds.

2. You must notify Holiday Home Rentals plc within 3 days of any cause of a possible claim arising and provide details of any action you have taken.

3. You must document the actions you have taken with the owner and your bank or credit card company.

4. Once all methods of recovery of the outstanding funds have been taken by yourself against the owner and your bank or credit card company you must fill in a claim form documenting all the actions taken together with proof of the fraud to Portside Promotions. At the time of completing the claim form you must provide Portside Promotions with evidence that your claim against the owner, your bank or credit card company has been rejected and you have exhausted all possible action against them.

5. You agree that in the event Holiday Home Rentals plc reimburse you the cost of your rental that Holiday Home Rentals plc have the right to pursue any parties to recover the money in your name.


Upon receiving the claim form and all necessary documentation Portside Propmotions will within 40 days reimburse you the amount of any booking paid as set out above.

Come2stay is a trading name of Holiday Home Rentals plc Registered in England and Wales No 7557062